Corporate social responsibility

We seek, through our actions, to initiate equitable and sustainable practices that reflect our commitment.


Ethical and social commitment

As part of our sustainable development policy, we especially strive to develop partnerships with socially and environmentally responsible factories. Our products are the embodiment of this environmental and social respect. Working conditions respecting the law and safety are our priority. 


Putting people first

At PnP Creation, people are at the centre of our concerns, so we have chosen to take part in initiatives that put people first. With this in mind, we are careful to give priority to the geographic proximity of our partner factories' employees.

The group is keen to allow everyone to work, without exception. Therefore, it is committed to providing people with disabilities the opportunity to perform a job giving them financial independence and allowing them to be a part of society. 


Focus on women

To support women, who are the majority of the employees in our factories, we have the will to contribute to their well being and their education. To do this, we have partnered the charity organisation Couleurs de Chine that helps the scholarship of young girls from the minority of Miao Grand Mountains.


Protecting the environment

We are actively working with our factories to limit CO2 emissions, and we are very concerned with the major issues of the twenty-first century, including the reduction of the ozone layer and deforestation.

PnP Creation is actively involved in the protection of our planet. We are sponsoring a charity organisation that helps to protect the environment, Planète Urgence. Planting trees not only helps regenerate the ozone layer, but also, through this reforestation, helps preserve biodiversity. It is important for us to be involved in the preservation of species, the environment and the future of our planet.